Soldier Field Parking: Quick Guide Before You Arrive

Soldier Field, an iconic stadium nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago, which has lot size parking called soldier field parking and stands as a revered testament to the city’s rich sports history and architectural legacy. Constructed in 1924 and initially named Municipal Grant Park Stadium, it underwent a significant transformation in 1925 and was renamed Soldier Field in honor of the American soldiers who lost their lives in various wars. After that it renovation has started at 2003, and its seats capability is 61500 at the time.

soldier field parking is very important because it makes going to events there much easier. Having enough parking spaces means people can get to the stadium without stress, especially families and those who need a little extra help. When parking is smooth, everyone can focus on enjoying the event instead of worrying about finding a spot. The money collected from parking fees helps keep the parking area in good shape and also supports the upkeep of Soldier Field itself. Good parking also makes things safer for everyone attending the events. In short, Soldier Field parking is a big deal for making events fun, accessible, and safe for everyone.

Soldier Field Parking

Soldier Field Parking Guide:

Bears Game Parking-

Bus Parking: Buses can park at the Adler Planetarium Lot, but you need to buy a parking pass in advance; you can’t pay on-site during events.

Campers/Recreational Vehicles: Campers and RVs can also park at the Adler Planetarium Lot, but it’s first-come, first-served on non-event days. Overnight parking isn’t allowed there.

Cars: Park your car in marked stalls. You can’t save spaces for tailgating, and backing into stalls is not allowed.

Pre-Paid Parking: If you’ve pre-paid, park in the North Garage, Waldron Deck, or South Lot. Cash won’t work at these entrances. You can also get pre-paid vouchers for Burnham Harbor and Adler Planetarium Surface Lots. Bring a printed copy of your pass; it must be visible when you arrive.

Cash: Limited cash parking is available at Adler Planetarium and Burnham Harbor on a first-come, first-served basis. Cash prices may change without notice.

Hours of Operation & Access: Parking lots open four hours before the game starts. Everyone must leave within two hours after the game, unless it’s a night game or as decided by the stadium.

Garages/Parking Lots:

  • 31st Street Parking Lot (Shuttle service available; you can pay in cash or pre-purchase online.)
  • McCormick Place Lake Side Center Underground Garage (Cash only.)
  • Adler Planetarium Lot – for RVs, campers, buses, and cars (You can pay in cash or pre-purchase online.)
  • Burnham Harbor Lot – available after boating season (Cash or online pre-purchase, cars only during Bears’ Games, no oversized vehicles.)
  • Soldier Field North Garage (Online pre-purchase only, clearance for standard-sized vehicles only.)
  • Soldier Field South Lot (Online pre-purchase only, no oversized vehicles or trailers.)
  • Soldier Field Waldron Deck (Online pre-purchase only.)

For additional parking options, visit


  • No tailgating in parking garages or lots after games at McCormick Place.
  • No alcohol consumption in Family Friendly lots.
  • No setting up games or equipment on sidewalks or streets.
  • No soliciting or distributing unauthorized items.
  • No use of unmanned aircraft systems (“Drones”).
  • No drinking games.
  • No advertising banners or displays.
  • No disorderly conduct.
  • Grills and open fires are not allowed in enclosed garages and the lower level of Waldron Deck (but allowed in open-air surface lots).
  • No deep fryers or oil-based cooking.
  • No picketing or political campaigning.
  • No saving parking spaces.
  • No tents or canopies of any size.
  • No tethered blimps, balloons, or oversized inflatables.
  • No weapons or fireworks.
  • Heaters are not allowed in ALL of Waldron Deck.
  • Propane tanks larger than 19 lbs. are not allowed on campus.
  • No overnight parking in any Museum Campus parking lots.

Map For soldier Field Parking Area:

There is 3 Type parking Area given below

  • Waldron Deck: South of the stadium, you must pre-purchase online.
  • South Lot: Below Waldron Deck, pre-purchase online only. No big vehicles allowed.
  • North Garage: Right north of the stadium, pre-purchase online only.
bears gameday parking map

Weldron Deck :parking garage it is just south of the field.

Parking cost: Parking will cost $35 for cars, cash or credit, and $160 for buses. Parking will be focused in the Waldron Parking Deck and North Garage.

Where Can I Buy Parking Pass For Bears Game?

If you are looking for parking pass in advance, you can book from “” to explore your option first, You can search dozens of spots, compare prices, and book your parking spot ahead of time.

contact parking team Please call: (312) 465-5383

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