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WTF v0.3

posted 22 Mar 2011 04:21 by Jon Howard   [ updated 22 Mar 2011 04:37 ]
Sorry for the delay since the last build - to be honest there's not much that's been added. I've cleaned up the project a bit and made a couple of minor bugfixes.

On a plus note - I've updated the included example project to show how to correctly use the WTF Slider and Checkbox UI components.

WTF Progress relies heavily on feedback from it's users - and from a generic perspective I think the framework is beginning to plateau.  A few of the requests are asking for features that IMHO are too specialised and specific to a particular game or type to realistically be part of a generic framework (although please don't stop asking!).  That said I've decided to start changing the focus to include some of the previously mentioned starter kits (albeit in a minimal form) and then any specific requests .ie. How do I make a platform game, or what's the best way to implement a shooter or a tetris or a match 3 game can be demonstrated there.

This will allow me to keep WTF as generic and widely useful as possible whilst still allowing me to help people make games (plus I get to bang together different genres of test games - which is a double bonus for me!)

Initially (along with the 0.3 update) I'm going to release the source (minus some of the final assets of course) for my latest app store project - The Ancient Wisdom of the Fiery Dragon so you can see WTF in action in a real app store product!

Next on the list (with v0.4) will be my unique take on the vertical scrolling platform "jump" genre so you can see how the DragonFireSDK Windows iPhone development system can be used with WTF to create many different types of games!

As usual anyone who's donated to the WTF project will get sent a link to the latest version later today.