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Another WTF Game on the AppStore

posted 23 Mar 2011 02:40 by Jon Howard
I'd just like to say a big congratulations to Arthur Brussee who's just emailed me to let me know that his first game "Last Light" was just approved for the iPhone App Store.  Arthur's used the AirPlay SDK and ported some of the WTF source, so it just goes to show that WTF is not JUST for DragonFire SDK apps but could prove beneficial in many different systems (the simple UI code is also being used in a couple of PC projects - more news on those later!)

Anyway - here's a link to Arthur's game for anyone who's interested.  Last Light

It's a surreal and beautiful looking game and just goes to show the imagination and originality that Indie developers can bring to an open and accessible platform (are you listening Mr Sony and Mr Nintendo?)

At just 59p (or $0.99) it's worth a look - if only to listen to soundtrack whilst zoning out trying to stay alive and becoming the Last Light standing.