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WTF is the WhiteTree Framework!

The WhiteTree Framework (or WTF to it's friends) is a professional grade yet very simple and easy to use source level game development framework - basically it's a Visual Studio solution with a set of source files / examples designed to be used in conjunction with the DragonFireSDK Windows iPhone / iPod / iPad development system.

It provides a full Object Orientated structure and hides away a lot of the caveats and pitfalls that exist with the current DFSDK, the framework is centred around a set of classes and a Visual Studio 2008 Express project file that you can copy and use as the basis for your own apps.

Getting Started

I've included a demo app in the project that compiles and demonstrates most of the features of the Framework along with full documentation, properly commented code, and detailed notes (at the code level, where your most likely to be looking and need answers to questions!)

Just download the file, unzip it to your local development directory and check out the included readme.txt file that includes all the instructions necessary to have the framework up and running on your machine in no time at all.

For anyone struggling creating new projects, the simplest solution is just to copy the project directory verbatim open up the project.sln file and rename it (if required) - instant project, no messing - it just works!

If you want you can integrate the WTF into your existing projects quickly and easily by copying the WTF sub folder into your development folder and choosing "insert existing items" from inside Visual Studio, you can then look at the example project to see how best to use the classes and structures provided to get the best out of the DFSDK!

As it's a project template framework you get the complete source (which is fully compatible with the build server) that you can examine, modify and expand should you wish.

The included project is a fully working game, with title, main game and game over screens that you can use as a base or customise to create your own fully working apps quickly and easily.

Planned Updates

Some of the planned updates include.
    • Full multiline text boxes with word wrapping support DONE!
    • TileEd support and tile based maps (as soon as texture atlases are supported)
    • Waypoint based path following including Catmull-Rom spline curve support DONE!
    • Wobbly Sprites (example of extending the core WTF classes to add extra functionality) DONE!
    • and whatever else people request...
I'm also planning on creating a series of "starter kits" that will be based on the framework, these starter kits will be a basic implementation of currently popular genres of games with fully working code, you'll just need to provide your own assets and customisation to make the games your own and off you go.

Feel free to use the comments button below to leave any feedback or requests you may have regarding WTF!

This weeks random bit of internet fluff is...

posted 14 Jul 2011 01:14 by Jon Howard

What REALLY happened to Stonehenge.

            Image courtesy of GeeksAreSexy.net
I'm just surprised it took so long! 8-)            

Another random post - just because

posted 7 May 2011 01:49 by Jon Howard   [ updated 7 May 2011 01:53 ]

It's funny!

Hands up everyone - HASN'T thought of doing stuff like that in the past! 8-) yeah thought so.

Jumping for Heroes

posted 6 May 2011 05:27 by Jon Howard   [ updated 7 May 2011 00:54 ]

As you may of noticed from the bottom link (and the new stuff on the left!) I've signed up to do a charity Parachute Jump with Duncan Bannatyne in aid of a Veteran's charity of my choice - I've chosen Help for Heroes.

In addition to specific fund raising for this event, I've decided to donate all monies raised by the WTF project to this cause as well.

You can find the links to the various example projects in the posts below, but here again is the link to download the v0.1 of the framework (and the all important donate button)

WTF Framework v0.1             

Don't forget you can donate more than once if your feeling particularly generous 8-)

And now for something completely different!

posted 4 Apr 2011 01:05 by Jon Howard

The first in a semi-irregular series of something completely different.
Just because!  8-)

Another WTF Game on the AppStore

posted 23 Mar 2011 02:40 by Jon Howard

I'd just like to say a big congratulations to Arthur Brussee who's just emailed me to let me know that his first game "Last Light" was just approved for the iPhone App Store.  Arthur's used the AirPlay SDK and ported some of the WTF source, so it just goes to show that WTF is not JUST for DragonFire SDK apps but could prove beneficial in many different systems (the simple UI code is also being used in a couple of PC projects - more news on those later!)

Anyway - here's a link to Arthur's game for anyone who's interested.  Last Light

It's a surreal and beautiful looking game and just goes to show the imagination and originality that Indie developers can bring to an open and accessible platform (are you listening Mr Sony and Mr Nintendo?)

At just 59p (or $0.99) it's worth a look - if only to listen to soundtrack whilst zoning out trying to stay alive and becoming the Last Light standing. 

WTF v0.3

posted 22 Mar 2011 04:21 by Jon Howard   [ updated 22 Mar 2011 04:37 ]

Sorry for the delay since the last build - to be honest there's not much that's been added. I've cleaned up the project a bit and made a couple of minor bugfixes.

On a plus note - I've updated the included example project to show how to correctly use the WTF Slider and Checkbox UI components.

WTF Progress relies heavily on feedback from it's users - and from a generic perspective I think the framework is beginning to plateau.  A few of the requests are asking for features that IMHO are too specialised and specific to a particular game or type to realistically be part of a generic framework (although please don't stop asking!).  That said I've decided to start changing the focus to include some of the previously mentioned starter kits (albeit in a minimal form) and then any specific requests .ie. How do I make a platform game, or what's the best way to implement a shooter or a tetris or a match 3 game can be demonstrated there.

This will allow me to keep WTF as generic and widely useful as possible whilst still allowing me to help people make games (plus I get to bang together different genres of test games - which is a double bonus for me!)

Initially (along with the 0.3 update) I'm going to release the source (minus some of the final assets of course) for my latest app store project - The Ancient Wisdom of the Fiery Dragon so you can see WTF in action in a real app store product!

Next on the list (with v0.4) will be my unique take on the vertical scrolling platform "jump" genre so you can see how the DragonFireSDK Windows iPhone development system can be used with WTF to create many different types of games!

As usual anyone who's donated to the WTF project will get sent a link to the latest version later today.

WTF v0.2

posted 10 Jan 2011 08:09 by Jon Howard   [ updated 6 May 2011 05:59 ]

The new version of WTF is now ready and all registered users will be getting notified later today.
If anyone's interested - here's a compiled version of the example project with the (as promised) Multi-line text box, Catmull Rom spline path generation and generic path follower code.

I've decided to leave the original source as an "donation" ware / semi-open source project - I'm still accepting donations (see the original post) but I've set the base level to be $10 (USD), this amount will guarantee anyone who donates a lifetime licence to use the software and access to any and all updates.

Open Beta

posted 30 Dec 2010 08:57 by Jon Howard   [ updated 7 May 2011 00:55 ]

WTF is currently in an open beta stage, which means that it's currently available completely free of charge!
However this open beta won't be around for ever (I'm planning on closing it early to mid January) so grab the example library now whilst you can!

To help support the library I'm currently accepting donations (see the paypal link below) and as a way of saying thank you, anyone who makes a donation (of any amount) will get automatically added to the registered users list (and will get free updates once the source is closed - just like every other paid registered user).

I'm currently working towards completing a charity Parachute Jump in aid of Help for Heroes and so until it's done 100% of the money raised by the WTF project will be donated to help raise as much as I can for this great cause!

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