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Development Blog #1

posted 16 Jun 2011 05:16 by Jon Howard
As you may have noticed from the main page - I've begun work on an IOS / Android port of the game.  It won't be an exact port as a while back I spent some time creating a version of the game in Flash (or Haxe to be precise) and during that time I spent a lot of time playing and replaying the game trying to find ways to make the game more appealing to the causal 5 minute play brigade and to incorporate a greater sense of progression through the game through the use of a challenge structure, achievements and new modes to unlock (I'll post more details on the new / improved game design later).

Actually this is the second time I've started an IOS port - I actually had a version up and running on my iPod touch last year using a the DragonFireSDK Windows iPhone development system - this version actually stalled for a number of reasons, one of the main ones being that trying to shoe-horn the 640x480 display of the Windows / Flash version into the (landscape) 480x320 iPhone res meant that the graphics / touch areas were too small to be realistically playable (Apple recommends a minimum size of 44 pixels square).

However throwing the iPad into the equation gives us a completely different ballgame - in fact I've had to scale up (and in some cases re-touch) the original artwork to fit the iPad's 1024x768 landscape res (the tech-heads amongst you will notice that the iPad has the same aspect ratio as SVGA and increasing everything by a standard scale of 1.6x will make all the layouts etc easy to handle).

So what about Android?  Well the nice thing here is that I'm going to be using the Corona SDK instead for the development (Corona is a native graphics engine for iOS that is controlled through a tightly integrated Lua scripting engine).  Because you can only access the Corona API through Lua app's can be natively recompiled for Android with little (and in many cases no) reworking - so the Android version effectively comes for free! BONUS!

Anyway that's enough for a first post - expect to see some period updates as development work progresses (other commitments mean this has effectively been reduced to a part time project - but that's OK as coding is a big hobby of mine anyway and it keeps me out from under the Wife's feet) - plus as I've already got all the assets and the design sorted, it actually allows me to concentrate on the learning of Corona / Lua as a new development environment.

Till next time...