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The perils of trying to "do it on the cheap!"

posted 15 May 2011 22:30 by Jon Howard   [ updated 15 May 2011 23:00 ]
As you may have noticed I'm using Wii Fit to monitor my weight and seeing as I didn't actually have Wii Fit at the start of this I borrowed a friends copy (he'd upgraded to Wii Fit Plus) and brought a "Wii Compatible Balance Board" from Argos.

Whilst at first it seemed ok and the weight loss actually seemed reasonable I noticed the software start to give weird results over the weekend - I did the body test twice Saturday morning on one occasion I'd gained 4lbs (WTF) and then immediately after I'd lost 1 ????

Later on Saturday I did the test again five times in a row and got five different results - not good (in fact the weight reports varied across almost half a stone from the min to the max), I repeated the test with a friends (official Nintendo) board and got exactly the same result five times in a row (but I can't use them as we timing / state was out from my proper body test and so wouldn't give a proper comparison).

To say I was a little miffed was an understatement - It'd basically thrown out all the previous weeks data and looks like I'd have to start again - obviously the dietary changes and exercise must have had some effect - just not sure what 8-(

So the "cheap" board went back to Argos on Saturday and on Sunday I came back from Toy's R Us with a shiny new (official) Wii Balance board AND a copy of Wii Fit Plus all of my own 8-)

So the moral of the story is (as is usually the case) - If your looking to actually use Wii Fit to help with a weight loss goal "doing it on the cheap" isn't always the best solution - and avoid cheaper "not so" compatible Wii Balance Boards (which might be ok for the kids to play balance games on - but that's about it!)

A footnote!

I hooked up the new board this morning and did a new body test (it was great the way Wii Fit Plus actually picked up and imported the old Wii Fit data - Yaa Ninty!) and I wasn't sure what to expect so I was pleasantly surprised to see I'd "only" gained 2lbs since my last "invalid" test - I repeated it three times to make sure the new board was working and so it looks like I've still made a significant loss last week after all.  

Just got to wait now till Friday and have a weigh-in at the Doctors and hopefully I'll something to really smile about.

Also - the donation total is creeping up but not really fast enough - I'm going to look at setting up a "Just Giving" link later and maybe doing a bit of a poster campaign in the local neighbourhood - I still need to raise at least another £300 so any help YOU dear reader can give would be most appreciated.  Please contact me via my emails address at Jon@whitetreegames.com if you'd like to help (I'll be happy to send you my PayPal details)