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posted 8 May 2011 22:47 by Jon Howard   [ updated 9 May 2011 05:06 ]
To the interested there seems to be a very quick drop of 6lbs over the space of 4 days and by most peoples reckoning this is unrealistic and probably unsafe if it was to progress however common theory seems to believe that it's quite common to have a large initial drop which will slowdown as the body get's accustomed to it's new routine - it's going to be the last 6lbs that'll probably take more effort.

Talking of routine - my new health and fitness regime is consisting of a "as fat free as possible" diet with at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity each day (today's is to cycle to work and back - which should take in total about 90 mins and cover approx 19 miles).

I did realise over the weekend that I should be weighing myself as much as possible in the same condition and at the same time of day to get as much as possible a consistent result.  With that in mind I've decided to do a daily body test with Wii Fit plus as soon as I get up each morning (usually around 6:30 ish) and before I have anything to eat or drink (and after the obligatory "call of nature") - so hopefully this will provide a more consistent set of results.

I also received several comments about the 100 pushups program - most saying that is was likely to build muscle mass than than purely burning fat - something which I don't really need to do (the mass building bit) - and would probably be counter productive anyway, so I've decided to postpone that until after the jump (I still want to do it as I spent £1.49 on that app and I like to get my moneys worth 8-))

Lastly - It should also be noted that when I when I had my initial weigh-in last Friday (5/5/11) the scales at the Doctors weighed in a 110kgs which is approx 17st 3lbs - a fair distance from my Wii Fit board, however I don't have daily access to those scales and I think the key to consistent results is to use the same equipment as much as possible, that said I will be updating the total's with the Doctors results when I have my next "official" weigh in on the 20th May which should hopefully show some good progress.