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posted 7 May 2011 00:59 by Jon Howard   [ updated 7 May 2011 01:34 ]
Ok - started my new regime yesterday, after a brief visit to my Doctor (always advised before taking on any weight loss or serious life changing course of action) and the Nurse I was advised that a 2lb per week loss should be safe and achievable (which will put me roughly on target) so I've decided the best way to attempt to lose the weight is to follow through with a two-pronged attack.
  1. Cut down the number of calories I eat - I've never gone in for calorie counting anyway but I suspect I probably have a few(?) more than the recommended 2000 a day for an adult male (mostly I think due to the portion sizes and in-between meal snacking)
  2. Try and get at least 30 mins per day of aerobic activity per day
So for 1. As I don't smoke and drink, it's cold turkey on the in between meals snacks (no crisps 8-( ), a massive cut down on the saturated fats and more fruit and veg in the diet.

I've recently started cycling to work again (about 9 miles each way), so hopefully cycling 3 times a week (usually takes 40-45 mins each way) combined with the new Wii Fit board I brought will account for the activity (did 20 minutes last night and it's surprising how much of a sweat-on the jogging build up)

I also signed up for the 100 pushups program yesterday after downloading the app to iPod touch, This is a six week program designed to take someone to the point where they can complete 100 pushups in a single go (can you?) - my initial test was 14 which placed me in Rank 3 (not a bad start apparently), but the app then failed to mention I should rest a day or two before starting which is why I only managed another 25 across 4 sets (Hmm), so I shall start that again tomorrow and see how I get on (my chest and arms are still aching this morning 8-)).

Once this is over I might even give the 200 situps program a go as well 8-)

I also had news of another £10 pledge from a family friend, so I'll update the totals accordingly - Thanks.

I'll try and update this progress at least three times a week - but if you have any comments or feedback please feel free to contact me directly via jon@whitetreegames.com

Till next time...