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On motivation

posted 2 Jun 2011 00:54 by Jon Howard
Cycled to work this morning (about 8.44 miles) took me about 40mins but it was hard work.
I got up this morning and my wrist was aching (I managed to badly scald it on Friday evening with an accident involving a pan of boiling spuds - don't ask!)) - on the Wii Fit weigh in I was still losing weight and I could have taken the car this morning.

I wanted to take the car this morning...

But I cycled - and it was hard work - but you know what, sitting here, breathing hard in sweaty clothes about to get changed - it was worth it.

In half an hours time after a change and a big drink of water (and probably a cuppa) then it won't seem so bad and I'll be able to face the thought of having to do it again tonight on the way home...

And besides the results above say it was worth it!

And the jump on the 3rd will be even more so!