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Welcome to the Lair of the Fiery Dragon, O'Seekers of ancient wit and wisdom. 

This page will provide you with a direct link to the heart and soul (and the ancient wisdom) of Draconis Flamberis (aka 'The Fiery Dragon'). The last of his breed, indeed possibly the last of his kind ever, the Fiery Dragon has used his ancient and mystical powers to recreate himself in digital form, such that his ancient wisdom shall live on for ever more... 

But hark, and listen close, such knowledge should not be abused, nor is it for the ears or eyes of the faint hearted, the soft minded, the easily offended, or people who think that PC is the only way to live (and we're not talking about the ones with keyboards, mice and monitors either!). 

Use this knowledge wisely and at your own risk, for whilst the unfettered usage of this tome for the purpose of exacting verbal revenge and frivolity (i.e. insulting people and taking the 'mick') might seem like a good idea at the time, being slapped in the face for being a cheeky b****** isn't and might potentially spoil your day - you have been warned! 

But don't let that spoil your enjoyment of the Fiery Dragon and his teachings, whilst he might seem all scary, his bark is most definitely worst that his bite! 

So we bid you welcome stranger, sit a while with the Fiery Dragon and drink deep of his knowledge (asbestos underpants are an optional extra)... 

Please feel free to bookmark this page if you'd like to visit the Dragon again,
or if you'd like to pass the Ancient Wisdom on to a friend.

or you can visit the Dragon's new homepage on www.TheFieryDragon.com where you can 
find the Dragon's wisdom brought to life on the Apple App Store.